The Big Sit!


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You’re invited to join us as we sit (or stand) and count some birds! Richmond Audubon will be participating in The Big Sit! this Saturday (Oct 7th). This will be our first of what will be an annual count (we hope) at Chimborazo Park in Church Hill.  The Big Sit! is a friendly birding “competition” in which teams attempt to count as many species as possible from a single point in a single day. Registered teams from around the country will count on this weekend then tally and compare results. We will be counting near the end of N 34th St. on the bluff overlooking the dog park.  Here’s a map point of about where we will be positioned (

The count will last all day and is very informal. Everyone is invited. Bring a chair and some snacks and stay a while. There will always be someone counting, beginning just before sunrise and continuing through sunset.  More information on The Big Sit!:

You can support RAS and the count by donating. We encourage donations to be made by a per species pledge.  That will provide the motivation needed for the counting team to scan a little harder and listen a little longer.  I don’t know what to expect since this is year 1 but I’m setting a goal of 50 bird species. If you’d like to make a per species pledge write me with the $ or ¢ amount you’d like to pledge.  If you’d rather make a standard donation you can do so anytime before or after the count using the “Donate” button below.

If you have questions about the event, contact Ellison Orcutt (

Thanks for your support and we hope to see you on Saturday!