If you need additional information about birding around Richmond, RAS offers a variety of tools to make it easier to figure out where to go birding, how to get there, and know what birds you are going to see. For links to great birding hotspots in the Richmond area, check out Birding Richmond. Our most notable ares include the James River Park system during spring and fall migration, Dutch Gap/Henricus in winter for waterfowl, and several state parks and plantations to spot breeding birds during the summer months. Our Checklists page will give you an idea of the types of birds you may see. Richmond Audubon also works to conserve Important Birding Areas in Virginia,

If you are interested in getting updates about daily sightings and trips, we have an E-mail Listserv that can keep you in the loop.

We also provide information about helping Injured Birds. Please visit the website of our local Virginia wildlife rehabilitation center for more details.