Injured Birds

The Animal Rehabber’s Klub (A.R.K.) has a hotline for injured birds in the Richmond Area. Please call (804) 598-8380. The line is open beginning at 8 AM each day and closing hours will vary by season.

How Can I Help Prevent Bird Injuries?

There are many simple things any individual can do help avoid bird and wildlife injuries:

  • DO NOT throw trash from your vehicle or litter along roadsides. Each year many birds are injured (or killed) by motor vehicle collisions. When trash is thrown from a car window, the litter attracts small rodents to the road side, and thus attracts raptors and other predators to the road as well. Please, help keep our roads litter-free.
  • DO NOT place your bird feeders too close to large windows and install silhouettes on large windows to reduce window collisions.
  • KEEP CATS INSIDE – or if you have outdoor cats, keep them inside during the early morning and late afternoon when birds are most active. Cats are one of the largest contributors to bird mortality in the United States.

Be very careful! Be sure an animal is truly orphaned before assisting. Sometimes fledglings are left alone while their parents are searching for food. Often the adult may simply not be present when you discover such a suspect, but will return within a short period of time. So watch for a several minutes to see if an adult returns to care for his or her offspring. If not, these youngsters usually need further rehabilitation in order to survive. If you feel a young bird is orphaned, call the A.R.K. hotline at (804) 598-8380.