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April 20th Program: The American Woodcock

Presented by: Dr. Linda Ordiway

Linda is a biologist for the Ruffed Grouse Society and she will be presenting to the April Richmond Audubon Society member meeting about the habitat needs and the effect of human development on American Woodcock populations. Affectionately nicknamed the “timberdoodle,” woodcock are an early-successional dependent species famous for their aerial acrobatics. They need young forest with small trees as their primary habitat type. In recent years, this habitat type has gone into decline, and we will learn about what management techniques are needed to restore American Woodcock to their preferred landscape.

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March 16th Program: My Big Year 2016

Presented by: Kim Harrell

A local artist and naturalist, Kim birded from the mountains, to the coast, to pelagic off-shore trips to see a total of 326 species! She completed 700 checklists on eBird and managed to take incredible snapshots of a variety of bird species in all habitat types during her journeys. This is sure to be a great storytelling event with lots of great photography. Come to our March member meeting to learn about Kim’s adventures and extraordinary work documenting Virginia’s bird species in 2016.

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