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1/18 Membership meeting canceled

Unfortunately, we have to cancel our January meeting scheduled for tomorrow. St. Luke’s inclement weather policy on building usage is tied to whether schools are open. Because of some anticipated icy conditions tomorrow, Richmond and Chesterfield schools are closed, and that means our meeting is cancelled, as well. We’re disappointed that we won’t be able to have our meeting, which was going to be an update on legislative priorities before the General Assembly this year. We encourage everyone to check out the Virginia Conservation Network’s website for updates as the Session progresses: You can also click on the “Get Involved” button to get regular updates to your inbox.

Upcoming Member Programs

Our programs begin at 7:00 PM on the third Thursday of every month except June, July, August and December. Come early for coffee, cookies, and conversation starting at 6:30 PM.

St. Luke Lutheran Church
7757 Chippenham Pkwy.
Richmond, VA 23225

Join us!

January 18 • Program: A preview of Virginia’s conservation issues

Presented by: Pat Calvert of the Virginia Conservation Network

Virginians ushered in a new era of Virginia politics with the 2017 Election. What was once a legislature heavily dominated by GOP lawmakers is now much more evenly split, with a Democrat once again sitting in the Governor’s mansion. Following the McAuliffe administration, which resulted in an historic use of the governor’s veto power including on some key environmental issues, what will the new make-up of the General Assembly and Executive branch mean for conservation and environmental policy? Will the split in the General Assembly change the legislation we can expect to make its ways to the Governor’s desk? With no party dominating the conversation, where are the issues where we can get support from both sides? What can we expect from a Northam chief executive?

Join us for a preview of the conservation issues we can expect to take center stage during the 2018 General Assembly session. Pat is an environmental educator, Riverkeeper and mink photographer. He is building powerful, diverse and active movement to protect Virginia’s Natural Resources. He works for the Virginia Conservation Network as the State Land and Water Policies Coordinator.

February 15 • Program: Native Woodpecker Species in Virginia

Presented by: Abby Walker

This presentation will start by discussing all of the native woodpecker species in Virginia before describing her Master’s research with Red-headed Woodpeckers (RHWO) at Fort A.P. Hill with Virginia Commonwealth University in Dr. Bulluck’s Avian Ecology Lab. We have put GPS tags on RHWO and have tracked their breeding season movements. I am also investigating parental behaviors in RHWO, since the species is monomorphic and there isn’t much known about the roles that males and females have in rearing offspring.

Other Upcoming Events

Kids Day in the garden at the Great big greenhouse – January 20th

Come volunteer at this exciting annual event! RAS is looking for a few more volunteers to help with our hands-on activities for kids. Two shifts available 10 a.m. to noon and noon to 2:00 p.m. Pizza lunch provided. This is a fantastic opportunity to reach many children and their parents with our conservation messages. About 200 children participated in our activities last year.

Contact RAS Education Chair if interested in helping….

RAS – James River Winter Count – January 20th

SIGN UP NOW! Come join us for the annual James River Winter Count (JRWC). This is always a fun event and a great time to see your Audubon friends.

What: JRWC annual informal survey of the birds of the James River Park system which is divided into 8 sectors.

When: Saturday, 20 January with a rain/snow date of Sunday 21 January. Sunrise till 10-ish. Then meet for brunch, fellowship and compilation.

Where: James River Park followed with a “bring-something-to-brunch” at the home of Ben and Betsy Saunders located at 8958 Rustic Rd, Richmond, VA 23235.

How: Contact Julie Kacmarcik at You will be assigned a team and more instructions will be distributed after the holidays.

Cost: One suet cake entrance fee to get in the door at the Saunders.

Click here for more info.