Richmond Audubon Society (RAS) was established in 1973, and is a chapter of the National Audubon Society. RAS is dedicated to the observation and conversation of birds and other wildlife. Our members participate in local conservation efforts, habitat restoration, and monitoring of applicable legislation. We have over 1400 members throughout Central Virginia, made up of a diverse group of people from various backgrounds, interests and birding experience levels. RAS is active in citizen science projects, education, and outreach to citizens from kids to seniors about birds, habitat and nature. RAS is also active in sharing information on environmental legislative issues and working to address global warming and protection of endangered species.

Yellow Warbler – Photo by Len Smock

Come Join Us…

You are invited to join this active organization in our appreciation of birds. We offer frequent bird watching field trips, monthly members meetings, an array of bird related resources, plus local bird news articles. We welcome everyone who has an interest in our feathered friends, from the casual back yard birders, kids, to life-long birding veterans. All RAS sponsored events are open to both members and non-members and are usually free; visitors are always welcome and encouraged to participate. Check out our membership page and field trips and meetings calendar for more information.

A Richmond Audubon Society chapter membership includes automatic membership in the National Audubon Society, a subscription to Audubon magazine (a bimonthly national publication), our local Thrasher newsletter (now available online), chapter meetings, field trips, volunteer opportunities, an annual pot luck dinner, and RAS e-mails.

For comments or questions, e-mail us at: info@richmondaudubon.org.

Black-and-white Warbler – Photo by Lewis Barnett